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Crimson Devotion (Food meets Fashion: Gourmet italian dinner gift set)

Clandestino Tequila (direction one)

Concept: Clandestino is the Spanish word for Clandestine which means outlaw or a person on the run. This taster set is a contemporary take on the history of Mexican clandestinos, which is represented through images of General Zapata, cockfights and agave plants. The moustaches are iconic design element that is used to distinguish between the three types of tequila (aged, rested and white).

Clandestino Tequila (direction two: wood type poster)

The Grimm Brothers - Court Librarians (Book Covers and Packaging set)

Concept: The Grimm brothers were originally librarians for the Court of The King of Westphalia. The quirky discovery became the concept for the design from jackets, to flaps to outside container. The book jackets are constructed to resemble old library book sign out cards from the period. Each library card has different signatures corresponding to the characters in the story. The case that holds the books is designed to mimic a filing folder.